Friday, September 18, 2015



Philip came home early today, and told me that he talked to Mark about a promised plane ride for Derek. They are doing it tomorrow!  I'm speechless!

If I haven't mentioned it already, Mark is a former Navy pilot, who gives lessons on the side at an airport about a half hour away.  He also takes kids and their parents for rides once in a while (for a price, but I think that he's doing us a favor on his day off).  I trust Mark, and I believe that he is an excellent pilot (not that I'd ever go up in the air with him), but this is my baby we're talking about!  This revelation has put me in full blown panic mode.  I think that I'm going to be sick!

Of course, Derek is very excited.  His mom?  Not so much.  I thought that the three of them had forgotten about the stupid idea, of which I put the kibosh on months ago--or so I thought--or I hoped that they would have forgotten it.  Now, I am stuck, just like in August, when they talked me into Mark taking him on a motorcycle ride.  Once again, I'm on the spot.  If I say no, I will solidify my standing as a worrisome, panic-stricken helicopter mom (that's me...nice to meet you).

I can't even bring myself to join them.  I can't watch my little guy get in that plane and  fly away from me--I just can't.  I'll just stay home, pray, or do some kind of calming exercise--like Yoga.  I'll probably throw up a couple of times as well--this news is doing wonders for my already tricky stomach.  I will not be relaxed until I see my boy walk in that door.

I just want to know how long those two idiots (Philip and Mark) have been cooking this up, and why didn't either one of them tell me before now?  I'm also wondering HOW in the world they have kept the secret from me.  They know how worried I get--well I guess that explains it.  They did not want to tell me.  Philip wanted to surprise Derek, and once Derek found out today, there was no turning back.

I have a feeling that SOMEBODY is in deep TROUBLE!

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