Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I lost another two lbs.  Yeah, Victoria!  

I just happened to get my new bathing suit in the mail from Land's End just in time.  It's a blue one-piece, and it looks terrific, I must admit.  I actually wore it without the over-sized t-shirt!  Well, I didn't actually flaunt myself.  I was talked in to taking off the so-called "hideous sunflower t-shirt".

This is the suit, not me (I wish)

Once on the beach, I managed to avoid the other women on the beach with their wine and cheese, and annoying children who love to pick on Derek.  Or they purposely did not see me, like I purposely did not see them.  I sat in my usual spot, pulled out a book, saw that Derek was having fun playing with some other kids, so I started to read.

I think that I started to doze off, but then heard a very familiar voice asking if he could sit down. I saw that it was Mark, and I was surprised to see him at the beach, but I said yes.  Thank God he didn't bring up the dinner fiasco.  I was happy about that.

Two minutes later (or was it seconds?), Roberta came jogging over like she was auditioning for Baywatch, and invited Mark over for wine and cheese (and oh yeah, me too).  To my surprise, and probably his as well, he politely declined saying something about working the late shift.  Roberta smiled (fakely--is that a word?), asked if he liked her skimpy bikini (he said he did--I wanted to puke at this point) and then bounced all the way back to the woman's meeting on the beach.  It really wouldn't have made a difference if he joined them or not because I was there alone to begin with, however, it was nice to know that he wouldn't dump me for a group of adoring women.  I think that he's growing up!

Then he busted my chops because I was wearing the over-sized beach t-shirt, and he hates when I wear them (I won't tell you how he said it, but it was back to the old Mark).  He said that I shouldn't cover up the fact that I've lost weight.  I was stunned, because I didn't think that he noticed that I've lost twelve pounds (nobody else seemed to notice).   

I actually asked him advice on how to get Philip's attention, and after rolling his eyes,  he intimated that Philip should be more worried about getting my attention, which made me laugh.  Then he said that I should walk around wearing the bathing suit, and that would definitely get Philip's attention.  I think that I may have blushed.

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