Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today was opening day of the soccer season.

Our little "not so natural", Derek, was back on the field chasing butterflies and his shadow all at once.  I think that's it's really cute, but I know that it drives Philip nuts to see his son get lost in the joy of being outside in the elements, rather than concentrate on exactly where the ball is.  He also misplayed a couple of balls which lead to goals for the other team, and did not play much in the game after that--warming the bench as usual.

Derek can't help himself, though.  It is the way that he is.  He has never really been excited about playing sports, because he's not very good at it, but is pushed into it because Philip thinks that it is important for him to be in a team situation.  I do not know if that is true.  He's already in the boy scouts, and the school choir, and I think that he has a good amount of peer interaction.  I really don't see how playing a sport that you are not very good at will help you become more popular.  Philip doesn't see it that way, and is determined to stick to his guns.

Maybe I'm too protective.  A friend of mine has told me so, and I trust his judgment, even if I do not agree with him.  He thinks that I baby Derek too much.  He has often said that Derek needs to get out there, get himself dirty once in a while, and not spend so much time on the computer or video games.  Should have known better than to ask him for his opinion, because I know how he thinks.  He's worse than Philip.  These guys always seem to stick together when it comes to the idea of toughening up the boys.

Well, at least Derek doesn't play football.

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