Sunday, August 9, 2015


It's was Mom's night out. Me, Chloe, Theresa (and unfortunately Roberta and a couple of her friends).  I met them there because Philip had to work on Saturday, so I was a little late.  I was drinking iced tea--I swear.

We were at a popular place called the Landing, which is a restaurant in another town.  It is popular because it has a deck that overlooks the lake.  There was a band playing old classics in the corner of the deck and we were at a table out there, having a good time.  Then I saw a friend of mine show up with a date, and suddenly I was agreeing to take a shot from a pitcher that two young men had sent over for the table of rowdy women.  Big mistake.

I really do not remember much after that, although I am told that I had a good time.  I had to be driven home (obviously).

Sunday is pretty much a blur.  Philip's parents, sister, husband and extremely loud kids came over for Philip's birthday party.  Luckily, I was well prepared for that.   Sometimes being organized has its advantages.  It was a bit noisy, and I was so thankful when they left and I could finally call Chloe and find out what really happened the night before. 

Highlights:  She told me that I dropped by Mark's table and ruined his date (he was the friend with the date, and I don't remember doing that).  She also informed me that when it was time to leave, I was adamant that I was fit to drive.  She enlisted Mark (the cop) to convince me not to drive home.  He volunteered to drive the van, and his date followed in her truck.  Talk about embarrassing.

I tried my best to avoid running into Mark, and did not see him until today I went to the old age home.  I went to visit Frank and Mark was there visiting his grandfather who is--get this--Frank.  Small world, isn't it?  Frank was not in his room at the time, and as we waited and talked, I made sure that I apologized to Mark, and thanked him for making sure that I got home safe that night. 

Regarding Frank, there was something alarming that happened.  Frank has been getting a little confused, lately.  I saw it before, and today, Frank was nowhere to be found.  After a search, we found him in another room on another floor.  At first, he didn't know who I was, then later, he thought that I was Mark's wife. I found this very troubling, and I could see the concern in Mark's face.  I hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

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